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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is the Saman Bird Sanctuary Located?

Saman Bird Sanctuary is located in Bhogaon, on the Agra – Mainpuri – Farrukhabad highway

2. How do I reach the Saman Bird Sanctuary?

The nearest railway station is Mainpuri Junction (MNQ). Mainpuri Junction is on the Shikohabad-Farrukhabad branch line, Which is just 5 Km from this Place. Another nearest Railway station is Tundla Junction. It is well connected with Agra & Aligarh, by Road. Distance from Agra Aligarh is 60 km.

3. What is the best time to visit the Saman Bird Sanctuary?

Visiting season is from November to March.

4. When is the Saman Bird Sanctuary closed for public?

From 15th June to 15th Nov .

5. How is the weather at the Saman Bird Sanctuary?

During summer months, the temperature varies from 270 C to 45 0 C and during winter months ,the temperature varies from 60 C to 260 C. Rains are frequent during Monsoons.

6. What are the off-days for the Sanctuary?

Sanctuary remains closed to public from 15th June to 15th Nov. Rest of the days, it is open to visitors

8. How to book tickets for Saman Bird Sanctuary?

Tickets can be booked from the office of Range Officer, Saman Bird Sanctuary, Bhogaon, U.P.

9. How can I cancel or reschedule my tickets for the Sanctuary?

Tickets once sold cannot be cancelled or be rescheduled.

10. How many vehicles are allowed in Saman Bird Sanctuary?

Private vehicles are not allowed in Saman Bird Sanctuary. Visitors are can avail the Sanctuary vehicles stationed there, on payment basis.

11. How much does a ticket cost for the Sanctuary?

S. No Item Details Rate in Rs.
Indian Foreigner
1 Entry Fee Entry Fee per head per day 30.00 350.00
2 Entry fee for Vehicles Scooter/Motor Cycle/Moped 20.00 20.00
Jeep/Car 100.00 100.00
Tourist Bus 200.00 200.00
3 Camera fee Still camera, digital/non-digital/small digital movie camera/handy cam 500.00 1000.00
Digital/Movie Camera 5000.00 1000.00
4 Feature Film per day (including videography) Feature Film 100000.00 200000.00
Documentary Film 6000.00 12000.00
5 Security Deposit for Film (per film) Feature Film 100000.00 150000.00
Documentary Film 25000.00 25000.00
6 Rest House Forest Rest House (Per suite/per day) 300.00 900.00

12. How to get a Guide for the Sanctuary?

Guides are available at all the entry points Booking clerk will help you to get a guide.

13. How many persons are allowed in a Vehicle for the Sanctuary?

As per the capacity of the vehicle.

14. Any exemption for the children in the Sanctuary?


15. Where to stay in Saman Bird Sanctuary?

Forest Rest House and Private accommodations are available in Agra

16. How to make the cancellation of booked tickets?

Once booked, ticket cannot be cancelled.

17. What are the provisions for citizens of Nepal?

As Foreign Nationals.

18. Where do I get more information on Saman Bird Sanctuary?

A. Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Office
Tehsil Kishni,
District Mainpuri, U.P.
Ph. No. +91-9454417720

B. Range Officer,
Saman Bird Sanctuary,
Kishni Tehsil,
District Mainpuri, U.P.
Ph. No. +91-9058589045

19.What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the Sanctuary Visits?

For Indian nationals - A photo ID, For Foreign nationals - Passport.